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TradingLounge cannot under estimate the importance of fully understanding the implications of using Contracts for Difference (CFDs) before  trading CFDs. 
Once you have have completed this CFD Trading Course you will receive a CFD Trading Certificate from TradingLounge a holder of an AFSL. 

What the CFD Trading Certificate is not
This does not guarantee success in trading CFDs, it simply means in our opinion that you have a reached an understanding of the basic elements of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and how to use them to trade.
This CFD Trading Certificate does not give you CFD trading strategies or CFD trade signals, you can see TradingLounge's advanced CFD education and CFD trading strategies or TradingLounge's CFD trade signals and analysis for CFD Trades in Forex, Equities, Indices and Commodities.

There is a small fee for taking the CFD Trading Certificate $25 Or take the special deal and pay $18 and also get a two week trial of TradingLounge's services, including a CFD accounting portfolio, CFD Trades for America, UK and Australia, video analysis and over 500 charts per month on a range of markets and of course personalized mentoring.

What type of questions in this CFD Trading Course?
CFD education and questions covering all the varies elements of Contracts for Difference (CFDs), choosing CFD Providers and trading CFDs

How are questions presented?
There are multiple choice and interactive questions. If you get a question wrong then the software will tell you to redo that question


Here is the outline of the CFD Trading Certificate 


CFD Trading Course
- Course Introduction/Objectives
- Course Navigation

Module 1 Understanding CFDs
- Overview Module1
- What are CFDs?
- Why Trade CFD's?
- CFD Characteristics
- CFD Characteristics Resources
- Margins & Leverage
- Brokerage & Interest
- Dividends & Other Corporate Actions
- Trading Direction & Hours
- Risks of CFD's
- CFD's vs Share Trading
- How Markets Work
- Types of CFDs
- How CFDs fit into your portfolio
- Choosing a Broker
- Comparing Different CFD Providers

Module 1 Review
Knowledge Check


Module 2 Starting to Trade
- Overview Module 2
- Why do you want to trade?
- Having a Plan
- Developing a Trading Plan
- Trading Plan Template
- Understanding yourself
- Survival tactics
- Know your Trading Personality
- Develop a Strong & Flexible Mind
- Use available trading tools
- Top Psychology Tips   
- Trading Personality Quiz
- Trading Personality Quiz Self Analysis
- Keeping a Trading Journal
- Trading Journal Template
- Common Trading Mistakes
- Journey of a Trader

Module 2 Review
Knowledge Check
Questions Section


Module 3 Mechanics of Trading CFDs
- Overview Module 3
- Form your Daily Trading Outlook
- Check Market Depth Before You Trade
- Tips of the Trade
- Trading Time frames
- Diversification
- Manage Your Risk
- Stops
- Money Management
- Expectancy
- Record Keeping
- Your Trading Platform
- Types of Orders

-Module 3 Review
-Knowledge Check
-Question Section


Module 4 Exploring Trading Techniques
- Overview Module 4
- Technical vs Fundamental Analysis
- Fundamental Analysis
- Economic Indicators
- Investment Clock
- Technical Analysis
- Types of Charts
- Line Charts
- Bar Charts
- Candlestick Charts
- Volume Chart
- Candlestick Analysis
- Candlestick Patterns
- Support & Resistance
- Understanding Trends
- Trend Info
- Dow Theory
- Short Term Trend Analysis
- Trend lines
- Long Term Trend Analysis
- Patterns
- Develop Your Trading Approach
- Trading Approaches
- Position Trading
- Swing Trading
- Day Trading    

Module 4 Review
Knowledge Check
Question Section
Course completion – CFD Trading Certificate

cfd trading course