Finding Direction - CFD Technical Analysis

Extensive Technical Analysis
Our Technical analysis course for Forex, indices and commodities on an intraday, daily and weekly basis and presented to you via charts and video each trading day.
Traders find our analysis helpful in verifying their own technical analysis or as an advance learning tool and assistance in preparing your own trading strategies.
We also have a service called TradeCheck part of our technical analysis training whereby you can ask us our opinion and CFD technical analysis on any trade you are working with.

Price, volume and pattern recognition are key elements of our technical analysis.
Starting with the markets in 1983 has enable me enough time to develop and simplify how I read a market.
Over time the complicated becomes simple, pinning the analysis down to price, volume and patterns.
We also teach what we preach, all our analysis technique’s and trading strategies are taught in real time markets and in educational formats i.e. video. 
Technical analysis education is available during the 1 month free trial.