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Weekly US Stock Review AME, CRWD, NTLA, PDD, ROKU & SNAP 16 July

Weekly US Stock Review AME, CRWD, NTLA, PDD, ROKU & SNAP 16 July


Weekly US Stock Review AME, CRWD, NTLA, PDD, ROKU & SNAP 16 July

A quick look at how the US Innovated Disruptive stocks are progressing this week ending 16 July.
AME, CRWD, NTLA, PDD, ROKU & SNAP Elliott Wave Analysis

US Stocks  Ametek AME, Roku ROKU, Pinduoduo PDD,  Intellia NTLA, CrowdStrike CRWD and Snap SNAP,  Technical Analysis Elliott Wave.

Ametek Inc.,
AME: Daily Chart, July 8 2021

We were predicting a possible triangle completed.

CrowdStrike Inc.,
CRWD: Daily Chart, July 8 2021
After reaching the 1.618 fib expasion of wave 1 we were expecting a wave 4.

Intellia Therapeutics Inc
NTLA: Daily Chart, July 8 2021
we were expecting some sideways movement into wave 4.

Pinduoduo Inc,
PDD: Daily Chart, July 8 2021
We were expecting further downside to complete wave C.

Roku Inc.,
ROKU: Daily Chart, July 8 2021
We were expecting a pullback into wave iv) to possible touch and find resistance on the parallel

Snap Inc.,
SNAP: Daily Chart, June 12 2021
We were expecting an abc to complete wave 2.


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