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ASX200 Elliott Wave Theory in Action

ASX200 Technical Analysis Elliott Wave 1 May 2019

ASX200 Technical Analysis Elliott Wave 1 May 2019

ASX200 Technical Analysis Elliott Wave 1 May 2019

ASX 200 Technical Analysis is Elliott Wave and Trading Levels.

Also included in this video is the NIFTY 50, WBC, IRON ORE, PALLADIUM, OIL.

ASX Elliott Wave: Wave (iv) completed, expect a move higher into Wave (v)

TradingLevels: Support on SG1|6330 is critical for any upside as is the Mid-point 6350

Day Trading Strategy: Long on the tested support of 6350, Stop-loss is still in place at 6316

Markets covered in this video:
Elliott Wave Analysis Asian Indices CFD Day Trading
ASX 200 SPI Futures ASX: XJO News

This video uses Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
known as CFD Trading indices or Index trading.Technical Analysis Elliott wave, Trading Levels and CFD Day Trading.

Education: Elliott Wave Structures
Elliott degrees in order: Grand Super cycle wave, Super cycle wave, Cycle wave, Primary wave, Intermediate wave, Minor wave, Minute wave, Minuette wave and Subminuette wave.

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