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Polkadot PLUS Cardano Elliott Wave Analysis, 9 Oct.

Polkadot PLUS Cardano Elliott Wave Analysis, 9 Oct.


Polkadot PLUS Cardano Elliott Wave Analysis, 9 Oct.

Polkadot (DOTUSD) and Cardano (ADAUSD) Technical Analysis Elliott Wave 4 Hour Charts
by Kittiampon Somboonsod

DOTUSD H4 Crypto Chart
Saturday 9 October 2021,15:52(UTC+1)

DOTUSD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis: Motive wave, Wave 5 Process
Probability: The price may drop again in Wave B or 2.
Wave Cancel invalid Level: 26.26



ADAUSD H4 Crypto Chart
Saturday 9 October 2021,15:52(UTC+1)

ADAUSD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis: Motive or Corrective wave Process
Probability: We notice an increase in 5 waves in the Diagonal pattern, indicating that
selling pressure is pushing the prices away. But the price increase in five waves It usually
follows a larger trend. Therefore, we expect the price to rise further after the correction wave
Wave Cancel invalid Level: 1.908




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