Trade Tools

TradingLevels charting program

Is a free windows-based downloadable stock market charting program perfect for managing equity CFDs.
Use this program to learn all about the TradingLevels concept which is fundamental to how TradingLounge analyses and trades markets. This should be your first step in learning how we trade.
If you're trading stock CFDs then this program can help you get organised.

Online Charting

There is a third party web based charting program available here which is fine for a quick look at Forex, Indices and a range of other products, but unfortunately it doesn’t have Australian equities at this stage.

CFD Trades + Analytics

Our CFD Trades + Analytics portfolio management online application is a dashboard style view that puts all of this information, and more, at your fingertips. Using this tool, you can easily ensure that you always get your position sizing right, for each and every trade you undertake, in addition to tracking all the variables that are critical to your long term success.