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What we do


Build Your Trading Skills


TradingLounge is the place for all traders to find up-to-date Trading Analysis that includes technical analysis for US stocks, foreign exchange, indices,commodities and equity markets.

Our friendly Lounge enables Members to discuss ideas and use our online trading tools. We take an active approach to building trading skills, by offering a wide range of  trading educational topics for Members with different levels of experience.


How we can help you

Our 20 Day Trial  gives you access to the full TradingLounge site where you can find daily analysis and trading strategies, trading advise how to read markets using technical analysis, and the signals you need to recognise to tell you when to get in and get out of the market. We have a weekly technical analysis newsletter that is a good start to get to know us.

Once you have installed the TradingLevels™ Charting Program, we can help you open the accounts you need to trade. TradingLounge members enjoy access to extended benefits from our relationships with CFD, share and foreign exchange providers. To help members stay on top of their paperwork, we also include our CFD accounting portfolio software free with membership.


We offer online Trading Courses,  trading systems, and foreign exchange scalping. Our online videos step you through the various trading systems so you can identify signals and understand how markets move. In addition to online support, our members receive phone support and personal coaching from Peter.

To find out more about becoming a TradingLounge Member, please visit our subscriptions page.


Who we are

TradingLounge is a community of investors who share an interest in profiting from active trading. Peter Mathers founded the site in 2007 (Peter has been active in the markets since 1983) to meet the growing demand by investors for accessible trading education and analysis, which active traders can profit from. Membership has grown and the site today is a welcoming place investors come to for up-to-date information and analysis, and a friendly chat with like-minded people.




Trading Report - Our members enjoy a range of different reporting services that keep their fingers on the pulse of the market. Reports include:


Daily technical analysis videos and/or charts:
•   USA Indices - covering S&P 500, Dow Jones (DJI), Nasdaq (NDX)
•   European Indices - covering Stoxx50, DAX, FSTE100, AEX
•   Commodities - covering Crude Oil, Gold
•   Forex  - covering EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, US Dollar Index

Available for Australian, UK and US Open and Monday to Friday before the markets open
As mentioned above, a large amount of information is covered each day on an intraday basis through to 4 hr daily and weekly charts. Elliott Wave charts for commodities and Forex are posted through the UK and US trading times, videos are made during and after the US close ready for the Asian and next Euro session. If you require analysis on a particular market use the TradeCheck form for our assistance.
Details of financial events that are expected to affect the day’s trading, plus a great learning tool along with a fundamental outlook for Forex.




•    Short to medium term US stock Elliott Wave analysis posted every trading day before the exchange opens



•    ROBO CFD trading systems DRS1, DRS2 and Switch
TradingLounge offers two different Robo CFD trading systems for trading ASX, LSE, NYSE shares/stocks/equities and CFDs


•    Elliott Wave technical analysis - intraday through to weekly analysis
Pattern, trend and correction analysis for ASX-listed shares and CFDs as well as foreign exchange
•    TradingLevels analysis and charting software
Detailed charting and analysis for trend-trading stocks, Forex, Gold, Oil and S&P500 shares using the TradingLevels investment and CFD trading strategy


TradingLounge is a friendly place to come for support, insights and education. One very practical resource our Members call on is our TradeCheck. Members can complete our online TradeCheck form to receive our view and analysis on the trade they are considering making.

We also offer one-on-one coaching for all new Members. This unique service enables members with a range of different skills to have their specific questions answered directly, so they can get up to speed and trading quickly. By taking a personal approach, with individual coaching, we can talk members through all the features of the TradingLounge site and help them make the most of their Membership.


All members are granted access to our friendly cfd educational videos and programs. Our comprehensive series includes a wide range of materials to meet different levels of knowledge and experience. From introductory materials that cover essential concepts and investing strategies, through to detailed discussions and case studies, you can build your investing confidence with practical knowledge.
Visit our education page for a full listing of our programs and support.



How our service works





Your Membership buys you


•    unlimited access to our site including regular video reports, technical chart analysis
•    trading analysis for US Stocks
•    access to all the CFD trading strategies
•    unlimited access to our comprehensive archive of investor education materials
•    phone support and personal coaching




Trial 20 Days: US$1.00
•    includes all TradingLounge Member features and access
•    an opportunity for a once-off trial of our service without obligation
•    work out which parts of our service work best for you



3 Month Membership Subscription: US$200
•    includes all TradingLounge Member features and access
•    gives you a chance to develop your trading skills   
•    enjoy being part of a trading community

1 Year Membership Subscription: US$680 Save!
•    includes all TradingLounge Member features and access
•    for the trader who wants to get serious  
•    enjoy having a trading mentor

To find out more about becoming a TradingLounge Member, please visit our subscriptions page. 



Get Your Trial
20 Day for $1

At TradingLounge we offer our Members access to all areas!

  • Our coverage means you get maximum flexibility in your trading options
  • Elliott Wave Technical Analysis updates every day
  • Discretionary strategies to take away


Our range of markets include charts + videos for:

  • Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, and 11 other leading tokens
  • Indices – US, Australian + European
  • US Stocks - Innovative leading companies
  • Commodities – Gold + Oil
  • Forex daily – Primary pairs + US Dollar Index





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