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Stock Trade Signals ASX - APX and BPT  23 January 2019

Stock Trade Signals ASX - APX and BPT 23 January 2019


Stock Trade Signals ASX - APX and BPT  23 January 2019

Australian Stock Trade Update (CFD Trades)

1. ASX: Appen Ltd (APX)

Entry Date: 8 January 2019
Entry Price: AUD$13.03
Risk: $250
Stop: AUD$12.36
Profit: AUD$754

Appen provides or improves data used for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence products.

The reason for taking this trade is based of the Elliott Wave count for the NASDAQ and the Australian stock APX's own Elliott wave count, as this stock tends to move with the US tech stocks.

The TradingLevels concept helped with the trade set up at 13.03.

Note, the trade is still open, and the trailing stop has been move higher.



2. ASX: Beach Energy Ltd (BPT)

Entry Date: 10 January 2019
Entry Price: AUD$1.53
Risk: $250
Stop: AUD$1.36
Profit: AUD$250

Beach Energy Limited is in oil and gas exploration and production.

The reason for taking this trade BPT was based on our Elliott Wave count for Crude Oil, which delivered a clear direction,  enabling us to trade energy stocks.

So in Australia we traded BPT, WPL, OSH and ORG. We exited BPT on open today.

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