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Founded over 10 years ago as an educational email list, TradingLounge has grown into a full time passion project for Founder & Chief Analyst, Peter Mathers. 

In early 2007, we decided it was time to gain ASIC accreditation for our brand’s unique combination of education, analysis and tools and to supply our growing Member community with a bigger range of reports. With courage and a bit of gumption, our Members-only technical analysis report website was launched. Now we supply a range of charts and video reports everyday.

In the creation of our charts and videos we strive to maintain the highest quality possible in both forecasting and ease of use. Each video report features Peter’s analysis that serves both day traders and longer term traders. Each report is the result of years of market pattern recognition, coupled with Peter’s unique TradingLevels view and Elliott Wave Theory. Our global range of charts use Eilliott Wave.

Our goal is to build genuine knowledge and improved results for our Members. That is why everything we post on our website is our very best. This ensures a range of trading reports that we are incredibly proud to stand behind.

Peter Mathers

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Peter Mathers

Peter Mathers started actively trading in 1982. He began his career at Hoei and Shoin, a Japanese futures trading company. After learning Japanese analysis techniques, Peter moved to Sydney where he worked for various broking houses, furthering his practical knowledge of derivative markets.

Extending his passion overseas, Peter travelled to Britain where he studied both the UK and US markets. When Peter returned to Australia, he updated his qualifications and went on to write and deliver advanced trading workshops for global leaders in foreign exchange and derivative trading, including CMC Markets, City Index, Invast and others. As a well-seasoned trader, with an aptitude for investor education, Peter obtained the necessary licences to establish TradingLounge and offer education and trading support to traders and investors.

Alessio Barretta

Elliott Wave Analyst for US Stocks

Alessio Barretta

"I have always been interested in the financial markets, and that's what got me to open my first trading account as soon as I turned 18. I didn't have much and obviously it didn't take much time to lose it all. However it seemed that the lesson had not been taught as I fell for a signal service a few months after and I blew several other accounts. That's when I realised that I needed to study in order to get started in this industry.
I tried many different Technical Analysis strategies but none of them seemed to work until I read "The Wave Principle" a book my dad had. To be honest I didn't understand a single word at first, but somehow I got interested and eventually fell for it.
I have been working as an EW analyst for almost two years now, and I have been trading in a profitable manner for almost as long. Progress is coming along as well as satisfaction as I am getting into the wealth management industry. I have 2 more years of University left, and after that I'll be a Mathematician and I'll most likely get my full career started."

Kittiampon Samboonsod, CEWA

Elliott Wave Analyst for Cryptos

Alessio Barretta

“You will never fail – if you haven't given up yet."
From the start of investing with general basic techniques  I encountered a problem during the side way market, many questions arose.  
"How do we know if the price is going to be a sideway or when will the side way end?"
Until I came across Elliott Wave that offers more opportunities and probabilities than any other technique. Elliott wave is able to identify trends, determine the integrity of the trend, identify reversal points within the trend and it also provides a high probability target price.  
So, for over five years I have been working hard to learn, test and experiment with the wave principle until I see the result that with Elliott Wave theory, price movement can predict direction and reversal point.

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