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TradingLounge, a licensed financial hub, combines expert insights and advanced tools, including proprietary Elliott Wave AI, to offer a comprehensive trading and educational experience.

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Let's take a journey with Sarah, a character not unlike many of us, who once felt adrift in the vast, unpredictable ocean of financial markets. Each decision seemed like a gamble, every win a stroke of luck amidst a sea of uncertainty. That was until Sarah stumbled upon a lighthouse amidst the fog: TradingLounge.


Portfolio & Analytics: Stocks, crypto, Forex and commodities portfolio and analytics for trading recommendations.

"This discovery marked the beginning of an extraordinary transformation. TradingLounge wasn't just another platform with charts and data; it was a treasure trove of wisdom, offering guidance and tools that shone a light on the path to trading success. The first gem Sarah unearthed was the concept of TradingLevels. This innovative approach was a game-changer, transforming her entire trading strategy. It provided clarity on the most critical aspects of trading: where and when to enter the market, where to place stops, and when to exit. No longer was trading a guesswork game; it became a journey with a map and a compass."


Trade Recommendations

For Stocks, ETFs, Crypto, Forex and commodities each with their own portfolio and analytics

"But the adventure didn't end there. Sarah was introduced to a cadre of six Elliott wave analysts, each a master of their craft, offering insights and strategies that demystified the markets. Elliott wave analysis, once a complex puzzle, became a practical, powerful tool under their tutelage. This was not just learning; it was an apprenticeship in mastering the markets."


Your Elliott Wave Analysis Team

TradingLounge has emerged as one of the largest and most valued Elliott Wave services. Unlike other Elliott Wave services that charge separately for various services, often at a high cost, TradingLounge stands out for its affordability and inclusivity. Membership grants you access to all services, education, and tools without additional fees.

Analyst Peter Mathers: Daily Videos covering Indices, top tech stocks and commodities

Analyst Alessio Barretta: US Stocks & Sectors

Analyst Kittiampon Somboonsod (CEWA) 12 Cryptocurrencies

Analyst Malik Awais: 12 Forex pairs

Analyst Sanmi Adeagbo: Commodities: energy, precious and base metals, softs and grains

Analyst Hua (Shane) Cuong (CEWA-M): Australian ASX Stocks


Advanced Tools

Elliott Wave Chat GPT AI - Ask the AI  Elliott Wave questions

Elliott Wave Algo - Automatic Elliott Wave

Leverage our suite of sophisticated trading tools, including AI-powered Elliott Wave analysis, to make informed decisions.

(Note: this ai will be released to members March/ April)

"Just as Sarah thought he had reached the zenith of his trading journey, TradingLounge unveiled a marvel: the Elliott wave algo. This wasn't just an addition to their arsenal; it was a leap forward, a way to navigate through markets with unprecedented speed and accuracy. With this tool, Sarah could now uncover opportunities hidden from the naked eye, refining her strategy and honing her skills."


Comprehensive Education

From beginners to pros, our courses on TradingLevels, Elliott Wave Course, and more, are tailored to enhance your trading knowledge.

"This isn't just a tale of financial growth; it's a narrative about finding clarity in chaos, mastering the markets, and discovering your potential. It's what TradingLounge offers to each of its members: not just a promise of better trades, but the blueprint for a better trading self. Imagine the possibilities, the opportunities waiting to be seized. Your story, like Sarah's, could be one of transformation, growth, and unparalleled success. Join us at TradingLounge, and let's chart the course to your trading future together. 


Inclusive Community - Social Lounge

Join a network of like-minded traders in our Chat Lounge, where ideas flourish and friendships are forged.

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Don't just take our word for it; let the successes of our members inspire you. From significant strategy improvements to achieving financial goals, our community's achievements speak volumes of the value TradingLounge brings to the trading world.

- Unmatched Value: Enjoy full access to all our services and tools at one of the most affordable rates in the industry. No hidden fees, just pure value.

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Join us at TradingLounge and embark on a journey to trading mastery. It's time to trade smarter, embrace a supportive community, and unlock your full trading potential.

Global team of professional Elliott Wave analysts


Meet Your Team

Peter Mathers

Director & Principal Analyst

Alessio Barretta

Elliott Wave Analyst

Kittiampon Samboonsod

Elliott Wave Analyst

Malik Awais

Elliott Wave Analyst

Sanmi Adeagbo

Elliott Wave Analyst

Joao Cunha

Software Engineer
Elliott Wave Algo

Marcia Grace

TradingLounge Support

Hua (Shane) Cuong

Elliott Wave Analyst



TradingLounge is the place for all traders to find up-to-date technical analysis that includes US stocks, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, indices, commodities and equity markets.

Welcome to TradingLounge (ASIC A.R.No. 321187), specialists in trades, trading education and technical analysis, covering stocks, indices, commodities, forex and cryptocurrencies.

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