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Basic Questions

Account Setting

Everything we do is included all memberships and trials. We do not break up our services, as we believe it's important to have access to all of the markets as they are connected.

Members 'My Dashboard' area where you can control your membership, you can cancel your own membership at any time or you can ask us to assist you with any matter.

1. Of course you can email us or phone us we are here to help in any way we can. 

2. When you log into the members Lounge area the Social page will populate first and in the Social App you can ask us for help in the support area. Or you can ask other members. Even post charts, videos and chat to other folks.

We don't keep your any of your PayPal or credit card details. That said we can assist to ask PayPal why. You can also cancel your TradingLounge membership via your PayPal account.

Stock trades, CFD trades, growth stock portfolio and shorter term stock trades from with the portfolio. Video Elliott Wave analysis for US stocks, global indices, commodities and Bitcoin. Daily stock charts and daily and intraday cryptocurrencies chart. Plus education and trade tools such stock screener, online charting etc.

We created the Social App to help with this. Our analysts will help if they have time and other members can also participate in helping. You can upload your chart or video and chat with others.

You can change your password at anytime in the members area in 'My Dashboard'

Reset your password from members 'My Dashboard'. 'My Dashboard' can be found in the members area. If you can't log in then contact tradinglounge support.

Cancel your membership and rejoin TradingLounge.

You can delete your acct from the members My Dashboard. Also cancel your membership payment with your PayPal acct.

We have created, the starter membership, that is; Buy 1 Month and we will give you 3 months. This is a 1 time offer as we believe having a 3 month subscription gives you time to get to know how we see the markets. Once the Buy 1 Month Get 3 Months is over, your membership will rollover to the 1 month membership

Simply contact TradingLounge support. Please understand that our admin operates between 9am - 5pm  Sydney Australia.

Privacy Of User

We collect and process the minimum amount of information to deliver our services to you and to meet our legal requirements under applicable financial services laws. This may include collecting sensitive personal information.

This information includes: 

  • your first and last name 
  • your email address 
  • your phone number 
  • your residential and postal address

We do not keep or store any of your financial details, meaning we do not keep your credit card details or your PayPal details.

We do not sell or share your details, we respect your privacy.

Under 'My Dashboard'

At all times we try to only collect the information we need for the particular service we are providing. The main way we collect personal information is when you give it to us, or explicitly consent for it to be given to us.

  1. Commit to Sharing Less Online.
  2. Use Strong, Unique Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication (No SMS)Tighten Privacy Settings for Your Online Accounts.
  3. Purge Unused Mobile Apps and Browser Extensions.
  4. Block Search Engines From Tracking You.
  5. Browse Online With a Secure VPN.

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When you join TradingLounge you have access to everything we offer, including trade tools, educational content and a social platform to chat with like-minded investors.

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