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What's on Offer During Free Week?

Elliott Wave Expertise:

Dive deep into the analysis by 6 leading Elliott wave analysts, each bringing their unique insights and strategies to the table.

PLUS: Elliott Wave Algorithm & Elliott Wave AI Analysis! 

Forex Pairs Coverage:

Malik updates you daily on 12 top Forex pairs, providing fresh insights to guide your trading decisions.

US Stocks & US Sectors:

Explore charts curated by Alessio, offering a detailed breakdown of key sectors and stock movements.

ASX Stock Charts:

Delve into 50 top ASX stock charts by Shane, uncovering opportunities in the Australian market.

Global Indices Insights:

Engage with daily videos & charts tailored for Swing and trend Trading in Tech Stocks and short-term trading strategies in Indices.

Exclusive Trade Recommendations:

Benefit from trade recommendations across US and ASX stocks, crypto, commodities, and Forex, directly from our advanced portfolio software.

Comprehensive Commodities Analysis:

Gain access to charts on energy, base metals, precious metals, softs, and grains by Sanmi, alongside a special commodity video by Pete.

Engaging Social Chat:

Have your trade questions answered, post charts, and share insights with a community of like-minded traders.

Cryptocurrency Trends:

Discover the potential in 12 of the top cryptocurrencies through the expert analysis of Kittiampon.

Robust Trading Education:

Take full advantage of our comprehensive trading education resources, including Elliott wave principles, TradingLevels, Switch, Robo, and more.

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