Our goal is to build genuine knowledge and assist our members on their trading journey. Each video and chart is the result of years of market pattern recognition, coupled with our unique TradingLevels view and Elliot Wave Theory analysis. You’ll also gain access to tools such as TradeCheck, Charting, Screeners, Social, Trading Practise Game, Elliott Wave algo, TradingLevels templates which will help you make informed trading decisions.

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Whether you choose short or long term trading in Stocks / Shares, CFDs, derivatives such as CFDs or Futures for stocks Commodities, forex, Cryptocurrencies or Indices, we have a several decades of trading knowledge to share with you via trades, analysis, education and tools.

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The Trading Levels are partly based on Fibonacci’s Golden Mean, the ratio .618. We apply this ratio as price, such as 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…, as cents, dollars and values. A market tends to expand and contract within this price ratio. Numbers also contain a psychological element, which in turn acts to strengthen these price levels as support and resistance in a very practical way.

Not all support and resistance levels are equal. Minor levels will temporarily delay rising or falling prices within a larger trend, while major ones could stop and reverse a trend altogether. Medium trading levels simply 50% between each major trading level. Lots of traders use support and resistance to help them plan when to enter and exit positions.

Elliott Wave analysis offers unique insights into the financial markets by identifying repetitive patterns called 'waves' in asset prices. These patterns, according to the theory developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s, reflect changes in investor sentiment and psychology. The analysis provides a framework for forecasting market trends by examining cycles and extremes in investor psychology and price levels. It enables the understanding of market dynamics and probable future price actions through nested impulse and corrective waves, thereby informing investment strategies. Moreover, the fractal nature of these patterns offers the ability to analyze markets in detailed granularity. Elliott Wave used in conjunction with TradingLevels and Volume analysis delivers higher probability market direction and trades.

Volume analysis in the stock market is a potent tool for predicting market trends. It denotes the total number of shares traded in a given time, acting as a key technical indicator for market activity. It plays a vital role in validating price actions, aiding in buy or sell decisions.
An increase in trading volume usually signifies a trend continuation, providing investors with a signal to enter the market. Conversely, volume analysis can also signal a potential trend reversal, prompting investors to sell their securities due to low activity.
Volume analysis also facilitates the identification of market momentum, potentially confirming the likelihood of trend continuance. Furthermore, it offers insights about market liquidity, bullish signs, and price reversal tendencies. In summary, volume analysis serves as a strategic tool in the investor's arsenal, enhancing market trend prediction accuracy.

Robo Trading Strategy is a mechanical trading method that can be used with different time periods and in both directions, long and short. I developed this method from methodically recreating the famous W.D. Gann’s trades.
With this mechanical trading strategy, the entry price is clear, as is the initial stop loss price point and the trailing stop. This method of trading is excellent for all traders, because it teaches discipline and without discipline you cannot further your trading or investing journey.

TOOLS available to our members


As a member, you’ll have access to our trade tools:

  • TradingLevels™ Template applied to TradingView charting software to improve your analysis and trading setups.

    Elliott Wave Algo
    Our own software to count the wave for you.
  • 6 Elliott Wave Analysts that you have access too. You have global coverage.
  • Elliott Wave Chat GPT to answer your Elliott Wave questions
  • TradeCheck software analytics portfolios for stocks, Forex, commodities and crypto, it is also where you will find trade recommendations. The portfolio also includes a risk calculator which helps you make informed decisions about potential trades by calculating how much you can buy based on your risk estimates. Dividends, capitalisation and the latest stock news on your favourite stock within TradeCheck Portfolio.
  • Trading Practice Software  Improve your short term trading skills with this module, its fun.
  • Social Chat talk with other like minded traders, upload charts and video to help communicate trading ideas and analysis.

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