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Last day analysis posted: Wednesday, 21 Dec 2022
First day back: Monday, 9 Jan 2023
Peter will keep an eye on the markets and will place a general video out on markets if necessary






Chart Videos (ElliotWave and TradingLevels)
Daily (New York close), featuring trade opportunities:
US - SP500, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, DJI
Euro - DAX 40, EUROSTOXX 50, FTSE100
Australian - ASX200

DON'T MISS OUT: Make sure to watch and listen to these video reports as they are full of real, live education and an easy way to become familiar with Peter Mather's analysis and trading concepts!



Charts Video (ElliottWave) - Daily (New York close) updates for Bitcoin
Charts (ElliottWave) - Daily updates for bluechip cryptos - BNB, ADA, ETH, DOT, XRP
plus regular updates for innovative cryptos - AAVE, LINK, DOGE, XMR, NEO, THETA, TRX, UNI, VET



Charts Video (ElliottWave) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday (New York close) - Copper, Iron Ore, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, GDX, Gold, Silver
Includes  USDollar Index / $DXY  and  US 10Yr Gov Bond Yields


Major US stocks
Charts Video (ElliottWave) - Daily (New York close) - Major US stocks AMZN, APPL, NVDA, GOOG, FB, BLOCK, TSLA, MSFT, BRK.B, NFLX, BAC, GS and JPM
Innovative US stocks
Charts (ElliottWave) - Innovative US stocks - five charts a day.

Major Australian stocks
Charts Video (ElliottWave) - ASX 200 CFDs, CBA, Iron Ore, BHP, FMG, RIO... AUDUSD, 2 Yr Gov Bond Yields


Chart Videos (ElliottWave) Daily (New York close):
US Dollar Index - included in the Commodities video Monday, Wednesday, Friday
US Dollar Index - included in the Euro Indices daily
EURUSD - included in the Euro Indices daily video
GBPUSD - included in the Euro Indices daily video  
AUDUSD - included in the ASX200 daily video



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The Education home page has links for all the education for Members including these:

TradingLevels Fast Track Intro detailed outline of the concept in words and 6 Videos

Glossary/Guide to be clear on terms/notations used on charts and commentary

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