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Elliott Wave DAX 30 CAC UKX 100 FTSE MIB CFD Trading 21 November 2018

Elliott Wave DAX 30 CAC UKX 100 FTSE MIB CFD Trading 21 November 2018


Elliott Wave DAX 30 CAC UKX 100 FTSE MIB CFD Trading 21 November 2018

Euro Markets Elliott Wave iv) is completed and all the Euro Markets are moving lower in line with US indices.
Within Wave v) there are five waves and The Dax is in Wave (iii).

Elliott Wave Trading Strategy is building short positions in this down trend.

Video Covering these markets with Elliott Wave DAX 30 CAC 40 UKX 100 / FTSE 100 Index FTSE MIB Borsa Italiana CFD Trading


$1 for a 20 Day Trial Membership and keep right on target for all your DAX and EURO Indices trades!

This Elliott Wave Analysis is suitable for tracking the Stoxx 50 Euro 50 Futures Index and other European indices, this video uses Contracts for Difference (CFDs) known as CFD Trading indices or Index trading.Technical Analysis Elliott wave, Trading Levels and CFD Day Trading.

Education: Elliott Wave Structures
Elliott degrees in order;  Grand Supercycle wave,  Supercycle wave, Cycle wave, Primary wave,  Intermediate wave, Minor wave, Minute wave,  Minuette wave and  Subminuette wave.

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