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Providers of Short and medium term trades for CFD Trading equities including NYSE NASDAQ ASX. Being advanced CFD Trading Signals provider, all trades are fully managed with clear entry, stop and profit taking. Managed within the advanced CFD Trading Portfolio software.


Leading, quality, technical analysis and trading strategies for Global Share Markets, Indices, Forex and Commodities. This analysis covers a series of Elliott Wave time frames using video, text and charts.


Trading Lounge’s unique CFD trading strategies and analysis are explained through tutorials and videos. Daily videos also form the real life learning every trader needs. We know that to survive as a trader you need to be educated!





Being one of the most highly skilled CFD trading signals providers, we offer full support with an 'open door' policy. A One-2-One Trade Class is included with your Membership. Members get a TradeCheck service – your approach checked by our head analyst, Peter Mathers


Get the latest technology in web charting! We also have the Trading Levels downloadable charting application with free data*. Plus 100 Indicators including Elliott Wave. A great place for your technical analysis.


CFD accounting software that tracks your CFD strategies, CFD trades and allows you to fully manage your CFD trades. Keeping tabs on risk is always worth it! This software helps so much.



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Global markets


In the financial capitals of the world trillions of dollars are changing hands daily and the indices are the barometers of the state of the markets. SP500, DJI, DAX, FTSE, SPI, ASX200 are covered for you with video technical analysis and trade signals.


Surer strategies


TradingLounge gives you the Elliott Wave  picture of the Forex markets that you can use: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD,CADUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF and Dollar Index — covered with Intraday, 4 Hour, Daily and Weekly Charts, updated on the London opening and New York close.

Delivering great trends


If you want to be really in touch with the markets, you’ll need a good understanding of where the commodities markets are at for gold and oil. Daily Elliott Wave analysis charts: 1hr, 4hr daily, weekly.

CFD TRADING Commodities

Understand what's valuable


At TradingLounge you’re encouraged to map your trading day, learn the signposts and reach your trading goals through everyday learning: tutorials, daily videos, One-2-One Trade Classes and more!

CFD Education

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Offering CFD traders a helping hand with all the tricky aspects of CFD trading.
We show you how to use our flexible CFD trading strategies — short, medium and long term covering Shares-Equites-Stocks, Global Indices, Forex and Commodities. 
You can access our daily CFD trading report with Share and CFD trading recommendations and trading signals covering markets in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
We also have a TradeCheck service to comment directly on your technical analysis or trade’s position – we are here to help.
Our CFD Trading Education is second to none from CFD trading tips and tricks you need to know if you’re going to become a professional contracts for difference trader.
We can help you choose the right CFD trading platform to suits your CFD trading strategy.
Our CFD accounting software delivers CFD trading analytics, position sizing calculator, risk manager and much much more.
If you require advanced technical analysis that uses pattern recognition, price and volume then we deliver the most advanced Elliott Wave analysis intraday and long term for most markets. Our analysis is backed up by the unique and powerful Trading Levels concept.

Trading analysis


To get you Stock Trading as quickly as possible we offer equity for the US. We can even give you a TradeCheck for your trades.

Education CFDs



    I found Peter’s presentation at the ATAA one of the more useful presentations for a long time. I have been trying to understand the relationship between volume and price movements for a long time. Although I have heard the basic principles before, the way Peter explained them in the presentation was very much clearer than I have heard before.

    Michael G. VIC

    It took a little while to pick up the Trading Levels, but now I don't know how I did without them. They make my buy & sell decisions very simple and I don't know why everyone is not using them.

    Keith M. VIC

    Trading Lounge is full of helpful topics invaluable to the experienced and novice CFD trader alike. It takes quite a while to become familiar with it but once the penny drops, the logic of Peter’s system and its simplicity becomes apparent. The service is very reasonably priced and is exceptional value. The daily CFD trading video and CFD report illustrate Peters commitment to provide topical and well thought out info. He is prepared to make suggestions for future movements in the market, more of these appear correct than not. It is amazing how the markets follow the Trading Levels so accurately. Also Peter is very helpful with his time and assistance if you call him. No problem seems too small for him to address and he is clear with his explanations. Kind Regards

    Tony M.  VIC

    I’ve learnt more in two months with you, than in the last several years. I was paralyzed with too much information, so you have helped me by going back to basics. 90% of my learning has come from the video analysis you have each morning  – an eye opener for me seeing how markets relate to each other, so helpful! Because of your method of teaching it has given me such insight in looking at my charts, not to mention the enjoyment. Like all great teachers Peter you have opened my mind and given me the power to take the confusion out of the market to help me keep moving forward. Peter you’re incredibly generous and have such integrity! Warmest wishes

    Kerrie H. NSW


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